My wife, son (Mason), and I have been members of North Hills Club since 2008, and it seems like our involvement with and use of the Club only grows with each year.

We are all greatly involved with the tennis program, and have been on adult USTA teams, Junior USTA teams, as well as NHC teams almost every year. We enjoy the people that we associate with at the Club, enjoy the tennis professionals and staff greatly, and enjoy the benefits of one of the best, if not the best, tennis club in the Southeast. The tennis facilities are unmatched in the State or region. We also enjoy the wonderful swimming facilities, fine dining, bar and workout facilities. Overall, the management of NHC is top-notch, ever seeking to improve to meet the needs and requests of its membership, and the facilities and people who work there only seem to improve from year to year. We consider ourselves very fortunately to have membership at NHC.